Ozark County, Missouri Information

Hootin' and Hollarin' Festival | Ozark County Retirement

Ozark County Outdoor Activities | Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife

Average Temperature 61 degrees
Annual Rainfall 43"
Prevailing Wind SW
4 Seasons with short winters
Growing Season 200+ days

Very Low Property Taxes
Annual taxes on 40 acres average $30

5 Elementary Schools
4 High Schools
Colleges Nearby

Ozark County is the ideal real estate choice for a person or family who intends to raise a family, start a business, retire in one of our scenic mountain and lake-front properties, or tend cattle on a plot of our fertile land. In a world where many cities have forgotten what neighbors are, Ozark County takes you to a place where the people are still friendly and you can be a part of a community again. With five elementary schools and four high schools nearby, Ozark County real estate is the perfect choice for families with children.

Ozark County has four beautiful seasons with an average temperature at an ideal 61 degrees. Our property and real estate taxes are extremely low, with an average annual tax on 40 acres only $30. Our properties and real estate are reasonably priced. Ozark County real estate is the ideal investment for those wanting to purchase beautiful and scenic property at a low cost.

We are located just east of Branson/Taney County. The winding drive down Highway 160 from Branson may have a few twists and turns, but it is one of the most beautiful drives in the Ozarks. Bull Shoals Lake, Lake Norfork, Northfork river, and Bryant River are only a few of our many temptations for a weekend getaway or the perfect real-estate site for a dream home.

The real Ozarks takes you back to a time when life was simpler. We have beautiful old 19th century mills such as Hodgson, Rockbridge, Zanoni, Dawt, and Hammond. Bald eagles nest on towering bluffs overlooking one of our many pristine lakes or magnificent canoeing streams. Jumping in the water is some of the best trophy game fish. Throughout the county are quiet little hamlets that include a church, a country store, a few homes, and not much else. Campgrounds can be found scattered amongst the mountains, as well as more than 25 resorts and stores where you can buy provisions, hunting and fishing licenses and other necessities. We have several quaint shops selling native crafts and antiques. If golf is your game, you can play a round at the Theodosia Country Club.

Hootin' and Hollarin'

Hootin' and Hollarin' is a festival held on the Gainesville town square beginning the 3rd Thursday in September and ending on the following Saturday. Residents of Ozark County, native and newcomers alike, are proud of this beautiful region's historical roots and at no time is this pride more evident that at this annual festival.

It began over three decades ago when a group of local citizens decided to hold a show of native crafts on the courthouse lawn and invite in a few of their friends to play music.

Since that simple beginning the festival has grown to a star-spangled event that features three big evenings of top flight country entertainment, one of the region's finest craft shows, a beauty pageant, square dancing, a huge parade, a landmark quilt show, and tons of family fun.

"Hootin' and Hollarin'" is unique among folk festivals for its purity of spirit. Here the crafts are all native and handmade, the "singing in the brush arbor" (a regular feature of the festival) is authentic, the women's hog and husband calling contest are the "real thing," and the food and fun are all pure Ozark! Thousands attend the event. Many travel thousands of miles to be here, and it is sure to be one of the liveliest, most authentic, and most delightful event you'll ever attend. 2006 dates were September 21, 22, 23.

Outdoor Activities

Camping, Picnicking, canoeing, and scenic tours, are all a part of what you will find in Ozark County. Camping is an increasingly popular way to vacation, and in Ozark County there are a full range of campgrounds operated by public agencies. The private sector allows families to enjoy nature to the fullest extent. The campgrounds are located around the two major lakes and along the two major float streams. On Bull Shoals Lake, The Army Corps of Engineers operates three camping and recreation areas. On Lake Norfork, The Corps operates two parks. A number of the resorts on the lakes operate their own campgrounds and RV parks, greatly expanding the base of camping facilities to serve the vacationing public. Some of the most spectacular scenery in Ozark County is found along the water. The streams and rivers have Corps and private campgrounds that provide excellent access for vacationers as well as residents.

Canoeing down the streams is a fun way to spend the summer. Most floaters utilize the services of one of the many canoe rental firms located on the North Fork or Bryant Creek. Trips can be as short as two hour or as long as two days. The canoe rental firms' expert outdoorsmen can help you and your family plan your float trip. They know the streams well, and they will put you and your canoe in the river and fetch you at the end of the trip. This allows canoers to leave the worrying and planning to the experts so the trip can be enjoyed to its fullest extent. With Ozark County's ideal weather, canoeing is practically a year round sport, although it's most popular from April to October. On a busy summer weekend more than a 1000 canoes may be on the North Fork, yet even this many canoes seem to become lost in the long course of this vast waterway. Everyone agrees, the floating streams of Ozark County are some of our finest recreation resources.

Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife in Ozark County

Fishing and hunting are fantastic in the Real Ozarks too. Record Bass, Walleye, Catfish, Crappie, Trout, and more wait you in our waters. It's no accident that three national records have been set in Ozark County, and everything you need for a successful adventure in fishing is here. Marinas and resorts provide boats, motors, fuel, bait, tackle, and advice, and a vital group of other businesses serving the fisherman can provide all other provisions, supplies and advice if needed.

Ozark County wildlife has remained preserved over the years with an abundance of white-tailed deer and the magnificent wild turkey. These animals are a popular quarry for sportsmen who hunt in Ozark County. The out-of-state hunting permit fee in Missouri is much lower that most out-of-state fees in the western states, and a plentiful habitat helps keep the deer and turkey populations high. The Mark Twain National Forest includes 38,807 acres, and the Missouri Department of Conservation also manages wildlife habitat areas. One of the areas, the Caney Mountain Refuge, was an important source location in the reintroduction of the wild turkey to the region. Deer are hunted with firearms during a two-weekend, nine or ten day season in mid-November. Archers can enjoy a much longer season, usually three months, also in the fall. Turkey can be hunted in two season, the first in the spring, for two weeks in late April and early May, and a second season in the fall in late October. Other game species that provide bountiful hunting in Ozark County are squirrels, rabbits, quail, doves, and some waterfowl.

Retirement in Ozark County

Ozark County is one of the fastest growing counties in the Ozarks, with retirement the largest reason people migrate here. Ozark County has had a population growth of over 20% for the 1980's and should continue at that pace for the 1990's as well. People from all over the country are buying and building their dream homes in the beautiful Ozarks. This pleasant population growth continues to make Ozark County a diverse and interesting place to enjoy retirement life. Ozark Investments Real Estate, coupled with excellent financial institutions can offer you a great opportunity to find and buy the ideal real estate home, land or other property to spend your golden years.